About Conrad

ConradWeaver.jpgConrad Weaver is an award-winning producer and director and is the owner of Conjostudios, LLC, a video production company based in Emmitsburg, Maryland.  Weaver received a Mid-America Regional EMMY® Award for his 2014 documentary feature, the Great American Wheat Harvest.  His second feature-length documentary, Thirsty Land  was completed in early 2016 and screened around the country and was recently released for the public on Amazon Prime His most recent feature documentary, Heroin’s Grip is currently playing in select theaters and venues and is scheduled for release on Amazon in early May of 2019.  Conrad is also the executive producer on a feature narrative film called Scars of an Orphan,

Weaver is a seasoned pro known for his compelling cinematography and a passion for telling stories that matter.   “Telling stories that matter is so much more fulfilling than stories that only entertain. There is a place for entertainment, no doubt.  But if I can create a film that entertains AND makes a difference or makes the world a better place than when I arrived then I’ve been successful.”

In his spare time Weaver enjoys photography, skiing, sailing, and traveling.  He recently volunteered as the Global Outreach Country Coordinator for Ukraine for his church in Maryland and he serves on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for the town of Emmitsburg.  Weaver previously served on the board and as president of the Emmitsburg Business and Professional Association.

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